How To Solve Common Hotmail Login Problems?

Just like any other email account, if you own an account on the Hotmail domain you will be able to access your emails anywhere from a computer that offers an internet connection. However, there might be certain problems faced when logging into one’s account. These problems are common, such as:

  • You might have forgotten your username.
  • The password entered might be wrong.
  • Several retries lock you out of the account.
  • You are unable to find Hotmail domain.

How To Solve Common Hotmail Login Problems 1The above problems are some common ones that are faced by most Hotmail users. Indeed, Hotmail has been around from the late nineties. Those who have enrolled with Hotmail when it was launched new they will know the email service to be a pioneering one. At that time email was a concept and a service that was restricted to ISP-based internet services. It was a paid service that only a small segment of people used. However, Hotmail introduced the concept of web based email and freed people from the shackles of having to pay to use email.

Hotmail has undergone several changes since it was bought off by Microsoft. The latest integration effort of Microsoft has unified the domain of Hotmail with Outlook. Hence, if you are unsure of how to find the Hotmail domain you can do the following:

  • Type in in your web browser. You are likely to be redirected to Outlook domain.
  • You might get a message asking you to log in through Outlook domain.

The other problems that are faced for logging into Hotmail can be solved in the following ways:

  • When you come to the login panel of Hotmail on Outlook page, you need to type in the full email address instead of the username as you did with Hotmail before.
  • If you have forgotten your username or Hotmail email address you need to click on the link that will help you recover the same.
  • You will be prompted to enter the alternate email address you had provided at the time of creating the account.
  • You might be asked to key in the password you have associated with the account.

How To Solve Common Hotmail Login Problems 2The above steps are standard procedure to recover your Hotmail account information. In addition, there are more steps provided when you have a problem logging into your Hotmail account. For instance, if you have provided a registered phone number, a security code will be sent as a text message to the phone number registered. You need to key in this code to get a reset link to your account.

For the above problems, Outlook has a new solution. If you often forget your password opt to bypass the same. This can be done by activating the one-step access feature. You will be sent a security code to the registered phone number and that will enable you to enter your account without having to key in the password every time. It definitely beats remembering the right password and sequence of letters or alphanumeric characters in the right form and case.

Sign In Process For Hotmail Email Access

Once you have access to the login page of Hotmail, you can login to your email account. In addition, you can login to Microsoft Office, Windows, Windows Phone, Skype, Bing, MSN and more. In order to sign in to Hotmail, you need the Hotmail live email or Hotmail id. If you use Outlook from Hotmail mobile app or personal computer, you can set the username and password to avoid entering the details every time you want to access it. Hotmail sign in has become highly necessary for Outlook, Microsoft, Skype, and MSN users.

Steps to sign in for Hotmail email access

Sign In Process For Hotmail Email Access 1

The Login Process Of Hotmail for email is very simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. The steps are as follows.

  • Visit the Hotmail site and you will be directed to the homepage of Hotmail.
  • You need to enter the email account of Hotmail in the upper box. Every Hotmail account as well as live accounts is accounts of Microsoft. When you choose the password section, you need to enter the email and password which you had entered earlier.
  • If you are logging into Hotmail email from your personal computer, you need to click on the small box which is right below the password section which keeps you signed in. When you do so, your computer will remember the details of your username and password next time. This saves you from the hassle of entering your email account details each time you wish to sign in.
  • The above step may not be advisable if your computer is also being used by others in the family or workplace. Unless you have complete privacy with your computer, do not choose this option.

Hotmail login from computer

  • Choose the sign in option and you will be directed to the homepage of Hotmail. You will be able to manage your emails here.
  • If your login process is not successful, it means that the email or password you have entered is incorrect. Hence, you need to recheck once and enter again.

Hotmail login single use code

There comes a time when people have to sign in to accounts from public places or unsecured areas. There is always a sense of fear that your password may be tracked or hacked. In order to overcome such situations, you can choose an option of signing in through the single user code.

  • Visit the Hotmail site and click the single use code option instead of choosing the email and password sign in option.
  • You will be directed to the page wherein you need to provide your email id and also your mobile number.
  • Once you enter your mobile number, a code will be sent across through which your account can be accessed.

Sign In Process For Hotmail Email Access 2

The code keeps changing every time you wish to access your account. This saves you from the trouble of password being leaked or tracked by others. When you take these safety measures, your Hotmail account can be used by security regardless of where you are using it.

The Hotmail App for Android and iPhone

Those who are Hotmail users have definitely seen the email service to evolve over time. For instance, they have seen the email service being the first to be offered as free web based email when the most email communication occurred through the paid subscription of ISPs. This email service was launched way back in the late nineties. It has evolved since then in the following ways:

hotmail app for iphone

  • Hotmail was acquired from the original owners by Microsoft. Since then the email service has been part of the Microsoft’s array of offerings.
  • The email service was then included as part of MSN platform. Those who owned Hotmail accounts could log on through MSN or even through the separate Hotmail domain.
  • The Live domain was launched in the new millennium as an attempt by Microsoft to bring together all the different services. As a result, MSN and Hotmail users were redirected to this platform.
  • Today Outlook is the new web based email service that is common for all MSN, Live and Hotmail users.

These are some of the changes that have taken place for Hotmail users. The other aspects are the reach of the mobile app for the email service. With the use of mobile devices and apps like Gmail being available for different mobile platforms, Hotmail and Microsoft have not lagged behind either. There are different apps that exist which are designed to cater to Hotmail users:

hotmail android

  • If you are an Android user, you will be able to find a Hotmail app for your Android device at the Google Play store.
  • You can download Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook app for the iPhones and iPads through the iStore.

These are options for one to access their emails through respective mobile apps when they are on the move. With Hotmail having become integrated with Outlook, many often wonder whether their old Hotmail app has become redundant. It is best to update the app to have the latest features. You could also download the latest Outlook app for your mobile device and use your Hotmail ID to access your emails as before.

The new Outlook, Microsoft platform offers several new features and a brand new interface. The mail organization is better and synchronization with the different Microsoft applications is seamlessly done through Outlook. These are some benefits that Hotmail app users can avail of when they download the right app for their mobile device.

With the different apps available for accessing Hotmail accounts on different mobile devices, it is not difficult to find the right app for your device. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to enter your username, password and get set to use the mobile email interface. In case you have upgraded your app or have reset the password, ensure that the same is done in the mobile app. It is also important to update your app from time to time. This will ensure that your email account remains secure and all latest features are available for use on your mobile device.

Hotmail compares with

Today there are several email account services to use, but the popular ones are Gmail and Hotmail. There are several reasons for that. Both email services have been around for long, establishing their credibility and reliability among the millions of subscribers to their services. There are certain subtle differences as to how Gmail and Hotmail originated, but both have evolved over the years to offer state of the art email account services.

gmail hotmail

If you look at the way Gmail and Hotmail started there are certain differences noticed:

  • Hotmail originated way back in 1996. It was a pioneering email service that aimed to offer the internet users a taste of free web mail service that was a novelty at that time. People were new to the concept, having only used email that was sent through ISP services and was paid for.
  • Today, Hotmail is integrated in the Outlook platform of Microsoft. Hence Hotmail users are able to make use of the different features of Outlook.
  • Hotmail users are able to use their existing ID to log on to Outlook and use the different features as well as access other Microsoft services through the same ID.
  • on the other hand, is a newer email service that was started in the new millennium. It is the email service offered by Google. All features and applications offered by Google can be accessed by Gmail users.
  • Hotmail and Gmail when compared, the latter ranks higher in terms of popularity and reliability features. It is ranked higher for security aspects as well.

There are certain features and advantages that are offered by both services:

hotmail vs gmail

  • When you use Hotmail you will find unlimited storage, akin to Gmail. With the integration of Outlook Hotmail offers OneDrive, Integrated Calendar, Ajax and Skype among other functions of Microsoft.
  • The ad free nature of Hotmail is another advantage that is not as evident with Gmail. You will be able to find that your personal conversations come in ad free. You can create a personalized inbox where events, calendars and emails can be organized the way you want.
  • Hotmail and Gmail offer the categorization of emails into different folders. Gmail segregates incoming emails into promotional, social and primary. That allows one to view the emails in different categories without having to do the organizing manually.
  • Hotmail also offers categorization of data in different folders as well as allows synchronization of other email accounts. That allows one to collaborate between different email accounts in an easy manner.
  • The Microsoft Office being integrated with the new Outlook interface allows the same access for the Hotmail users as well. Similar feature is offered through Google Docs in Gmail where you can create, edit and share different documents and spreadsheets.

These are some of the different features you can find with Hotmail and Gmail. Indeed, both have useful and innovative features to offer. The 2-step verification feature had been offered by Gmail initially, but that is now extended to Hotmail and Outlook users as well.

How Maintain my Account Hotmail secure?

There are many ways you can ensure that Hotmail account remains secure when you access it from different devices. There has been a concern about email security for Hotmail users over the years that the service has been active. For instance, when the service had been bought over by Microsoft there had been concerns about the influx of spam and viral login problems occurring for the existing users. Over time Microsoft has increased the security features of the email service in the following ways:

hotmail account secure

  • The Hotmail login access through username and password is protected by a stringent combination of alphanumeric characters.
  • If you are creating a new account, you would be prompted to enter a password that is at least eight characters long and consists of alphanumeric characters.
  • You are urged to change your password from time to time.
  • When logging in through any public computer, all users are urged to sign out from their email account completely.

These are some steps that Microsoft took up to ensure that spamming attacks reduce and accounts are less hacked for the Hotmail users. Today there have been several changes that have come about with the Hotmail domain. For instance:

hotmail account

  • Hotmail has been made part of a comprehensive mail interface called Outlook.
  • The outlook is the new web based email service from Microsoft, its enhanced email interface and security features have been made available to Hotmail users as well.
  • Those who continue to hold Hotmail accounts can use their account by logging in through the Outlook mail service.

There are several enhanced security features that Microsoft offers. For instance, the two step verification security feature is encouraged for all existing Microsoft email users. This step, when activated will lead to a security code being texted to the registered phone number of the user. This code needs to be keyed in to get access to one’s account every time. In this way fraudulent access to the email account can be prevented.

This feature is offered to existing Hotmail users as well. For those who have existing accounts, they can simply access the security features of their account in order to activate this setting. This is useful when one has forgotten their password as well. With the security code being texted to the registered number, it helps to keep one’s account secure at all times.

There are other steps to follow as well when one wishes to keep their email account secure. It is necessary to log out of the account when one is using a public computer. Again, the access to one’s account through several devices needs to be updated from time to time in order to ensure that unwanted access to one’s email account does not occur through different devices. These are some of the steps that Microsoft advises the users of the email services so that they can avoid getting hacked and can keep their account secure. This is important as email accounts are accessed these days from multiple devices.

Differences between and Outlook

Those who are looking at Outlook might be confused as to what it means for Hotmail users. Indeed, Hotmail has been a service that has existed for long. It was introduced as a free web based email service, first of its kind at a time when free internet enabled email was a novelty. Soon it was taken over by Microsoft. There have been several changes that have taken place to Hotmail after it was taken over by Microsoft:

outlook mail

  • was maintained as a separate domain, but could also be accessed by MSN users. One could use their Hotmail ID in both domains.
  • Hotmail and MSN were then consecutively moved to live domain. This was the first phase of integration that Microsoft launched in order to get all its similar services under one platform.
  • The last phase of integration saw the launch of Outlook. It was declared as the new web based email service of Microsoft. Those who were existing users of Live, MSN and Hotmail could now log on to their accounts through the unified platform of Outlook.

hotmail outlook

In this way the Outlook domain was formed as a way of integrating the different mail platforms of Microsoft. If you are wondering what the differences between Hotmail vs Outlook are here are some salient points to consider:

  • Hotmail is an existing email service of Microsoft. Outlook on the other hand is a new web mail interface.
  • Hotmail users when they log in through the Outlook mail platform get to experience the new features of Outlook. They will find their old mails organized in the new interface accordingly.
  • It is possible to use the new features like mail filtering, preview pane, synchronizing social media accounts and other functions through the new Outlook interface. That is possible for the Hotmail users as well.

There have been standard features in Hotmail that remain in use, but have been enhanced in the new Outlook interface. You will be able to filter spam messages, flag messages, create POP3 accounts and conduct other functions as you did before in your Hotmail account.

With the new Outlook interface the existing Hotmail users can do more. They can even access different Microsoft services through this single login ID. For instance, if one has an Xbox Live account, Skype account and others on the Microsoft platform, they will be able to access the same with the same Hotmail ID. This ID transforms into an Outlook username on the Outlook login panel. These are ways the Hotmail users can find their benefits, enhanced through the new Outlook domain. Even though new Hotmail accounts are being created, in essence, they are Outlook accounts that are being created in the new domain.

All existing Hotmail users will find their email accounts to have been migrated to the new platform without any loss of data. They stepped up the security features of the account and other benefits are extended to Hotmail users. It comes to their benefit to be linked to this new web based email from Microsoft. Login in the new intarface of Outlook. Hotmail Sign in now called mail Outlook, know about to create Hotmail account now.